City Sculpture is an art park displaying the large-scale work of longtime Cass Corridor artist Robert Sestok. With a rotating exhibition schedule and visiting artist program, the park is dedicated to exposing the public to experimental sculpture work in Detroit.

The park is now open. Summer hours are 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week.

Artist’s Statement:

I have lived and worked my entire life as a sculptor in the city of my birth — Detroit, Michigan. The art studio and house that I built has served as my welding shop, and printmaking and painting studio since the 1980s. I feel proud to be a part of this community where I live and work, and I am likewise honored to be a part of a city whose challenges have helped create more provoking art, and a tighter and more coherent art community.

Having made many indoor and outdoor welded sculptures throughout my career — on permanent display in the City of Detroit and surrounding suburbs, as well as several works on display in New York City and elsewhere in North America — it is now my goal to create a permanent exhibit space for my large-scale work. I have nearly sixty pieces of sculpture made since 1980, including several new pieces currently in the works —  welded steel, bronze and stainless steel that I plan to feature in a neighborhood outdoor sculpture park in my mid-town Detroit neighborhood, for the benefit of people who live there, the Wayne State students and faculty who traverse the area, and for the nearby public Detroit Public Jefferson middle school.

My vision is for at least a 200ft by 200ft space for the park, with a dozensculptures to be initially installed, and more over time. Ultimately I see the park becoming a site for classes and workshops in sculptural art with visiting artists invited to display and give lectures and demonstrations in the park.